Thursday, March 3, 2016

Return of the Creativity

    Got some more chapters written! It was taking me awhile to figure out where to go from one plot point to another, and I finally settled on an idea that should work very well. Of course, once I reread the finished book I will see how it all fits together.  From that point on though there should be smooth sailing. I have the rest of the book mapped out on how I want it to go and in the order, I just have to make and find time to write.

    I am also working on a friend's website and some graphics as well so that does take up my time, but it is fun for me. I don't want to force a book, especially my first book. I want it to be fluid and compelling once it is completed, without any areas of filler. I want whomever reads my book to be intrigued and want to keep reading so I am trying to find ways to accomplish that. So many books have those chapters that you just want to finish them because they drag on, or a hyped up event never seems to arrive. I want this book to be exciting and fun and suspenseful, but especially to the characters. The reader is along for the ride, but the character is the one that has to deal with it all. Thank you to all of those that are supporting me on this venture and I hope to take you all with me!